Everyday I feel the same,
Stuck, and I can never change
Sucked into a black balloon,
Spat into a empty room

Was it really worth it?
Did I really deserve it?
It happens when you're hurtin'
It taught me out the surface
Of my heart...

Gor bubble wrap around my heart,
Waiting for my life to start
But everyday it never comes
Permanently at square one

When It's late at night
I'm so dissatisfied
In the wait for a empty life
We hassle in the moonlight
In the light 

Living back in a glittery mist and I,
I think of all the man that
I could have kissed
I haven't lived my life
My thoughts of you from,
From up above

I'm living dead
Only alive
When I pretend
That I have died

I haven't lived life
I haven't lived love
Just bird's eye view
From the sky above

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